Our principles and values


Both senior managers of Planura have many years of experience in wealth management including alternative investments (Real Estate, Hedge Funds, Private Equity) and specifically also in the management of family offices.

We have in-depth knowledge of providers and conditions in the market in the various business fields.


We are fully independent, free of conflicts of interest and tailor the services exactly to your needs — Our only interest is the client interest.


We work together with the best specialists in the market in all business fields (e.g. mandate assignment and monitoring).

Based on our experience, we identify the best suppliers along the different asset classes.


A lean and efficient organization ensures a cost-effective solution for the client.

In the field of accounting, taxes, legal, insurance, etc., we partner with external specialists on a case-by-case basis (if service is requested by client).


Our monthly consolidated reporting (tailored to your needs) ensures transparency about your current financial situation, performance and asset development along all asset classes.

Planura Family Office Switzerland AG
Poststrasse 26
6300 Zug

+41 41 725 36 40