Key benefits and reasons for setting up a family office

When it comes to your assets, you want to work with a very experienced team with no conflicts of interest. Identifying and working together with the best specialists in the market across all asset classes supports you in achieving your financial goals.

Key Benefits of working with Planura Family Office

Independence/ Alignment of Interest

Our only interest is the client’s interest leading to a complete alignment of interest.
We act in a fully independent way, both legally and economically and we are fully independent from any third party provider.

Governance and Control

We help define and achieve clear governance and management structures.
This helps to prevent future conflicts whilst ensuring full confidentiality and control over the family’s wealth.

Service Scope- and Level

Our services are tailor made and based on specific client needs.
Our best-in-class approach ensures highest services levels for all service providers on an ongoing basis.

Investment Access and Capabilities

Our holistic approach towards the client’s investment universe combined with access to alternative investments leads to potential higher returns and lower risk exposure for the client.


Our experienced staff actively educates and involves both the client and his family, with particular focus on nurturing and involving the next generation.

The Importance of Strategic Asset Allocation

The main influence on portfolio return is the investment strategy (asset allocation)
The selection of individual securities is of secondary significance
Therefore, choosing the right investment strategy for the client is of utmost importance

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